What are Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights (PLR) are rights given by the creator of products (usually digital products) that allow the holder the ability to alter or transfer those products in a certain way defined by the product creator. There are many variations on those rights (which often leads to confusion). It's crucial as a holder of these products that you understand what you are allowed to do with these products.

For the longest time, PLR has been low quality and has a bad reputation because of this. I have noticed in the past year however, that several product creators are trying to change that by introducing higher quality digital products into the mix.

In some ways, this makes it even more difficult for people who want to use PLR. At least when it was all junk, most people steered clear of it.

Examples of Some Rights Given for PLR?

It's important to make sure the product creator spells out what can be done. In general however, PLR could contain the following rights:

  • Can be sold.
  • Can put own name as author
  • Can alter the product
  • Can be used as content for websites and blogs
  • Can be given away
  • Can be used to build a list (free reports, etc)
  • Can be offered as a bonus
  • Can be packaged with other products
  • Can be added to membership sites
  • Can print/publish offline

The above list would be an example of a product creator that allowed very liberal uses of their product. Other product creators may restrict some of these and would specify this by changing the word "Can" with the word "Can't".

It's a good idea to follow the rights as they are specified by the product creator as any violation could lead to legal action. Many PLR product creators probably wouldn't take it that far but you don't want to be the one they use as an example.

Negative Perception Behind PLR Products

One of the biggest reasons why PLR has gotten such a bad reputation is because people would distribute them all over the place as is. This means there were thousands (or more) copies of these products scattered throughout the internet. This obviously dilutes the value of the product and makes it difficult for anyone to do anything useful with it.

Another problem is that most of the PLR products were poorly written (or in the case of multimedia, poorly produced). The information contained within these products have little substance to make them usable in any productive capacity.

Is PLR a Lost Cause?

I used to believe that PLR simply wasn't worth the "digital paper" it was "printed on". But as I stated before, I am starting to see a new class of PLR emerge that actually has some meat to it. That is the purpose of this website. To help separate the good from the bad. My goal is to evaluate PLR products and write reviews based on that evaluation.

Because of this new emergence of better quality PLR products, I feel that PLR is not a lost cause and can be incorporated into your content mix, as long as it's done correctly (more on this below).

You should reasonably expect to pay higher prices for this new breed of higher quality content, all things being equal. But this can actually help keep away the freebie seekers!

How to Use PLR

When you come across a decent quality PLR product, you may be tempted to simply use it as is and throw it up for sale on several different platforms. But that is the mistake that has given PLR a bad name to begin with. Besides, the fact that higher quality PLR is going to cost more is going to make it much less tempting for people to do that.

Several ways to effectively use PLR:

  • Turn the Product into Another Format and Sell Entire Package
  • Enhance the product by adding more to it
  • When appropriate, break the product up to be included as part of a series
  • Combine with other PLR products to make a super product
  • Use an excerpt of a PLR product to build an email list

Turn Product into Another Format and Sell Everything as a Package

Suppose you have a PLR video that you've obtained the rights to. You could extract the audio from the video and use that as a podcast. You could also transcribe the video and then sell the entire package. Just be sure the original product is high quality to begin with.

Enhance the Product by Adding More to it

Several PLR products contain generic information about a topic. You could use this generic information as the basis for your report but extend the value of it by providing higher quality content. This could mean rewriting the whole report or it could simply be doing some extensive research and then adding to the content based on the findings within your research. It could also be as simple as adding links that were not included in the original.

It is probably a wise move to find a few people that are willing to do a review on your transformed version of the product. This can be used as a testimonial (assuming the reviews are good).

Break up the Product and Include as a Series

If the product creator allows this, consider breaking up the product into smaller components that can be the basis for blog posts or email follow up sequences. You still want to make sure you add some of your own information when doing this so that your readers see that you are indeed adding value.

There is nothing worse than readers discovering that you are passing of work of others as if it were your own. This won't happen if you rework the product and add your own value to it.

​Combine Several PLR Products Together to Make a Superior Product

There are many PLR products that have related topics, and when combined can offer more value to your customers. As the quality continues to improve, combining these higher quality products into one mega package can be a great selling point. It still helps if you alter the products to some degree so that they fit together correctly and doesn't simply look like it's been thrown together for the sake of selling something.

Use an Excerpt of a PLR Product as the Basis for Building an Email List

In this particular instance, you could probably get away with using the excerpt as is. The likelihood that other people will use the exact excerpt you use is much less than each of you using the product in its entirety. Still, there's always room to add value to everything that you give to your readers/customers. It's a judgement call.

Bottom Line

I would not have created this website if I didn't believe in the viability of PLR. I firmly believe it needs to be altered, enhanced, combined, etc., while always keeping sight of adding value to whatever the new product becomes. I am sure you can find other uses for PLR that has not been covered here. If you keep value as part of your motivation, it's difficult to go wrong with that!

About the Author JamesHope

James Reviews PLR Products to Help People Determine Which ones are Good and Which Ones to Avoid. It's his mission to help people get good PLR (yes it does exist)!

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