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Writing Profits eCourse

4.7 out of 5 Stars

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Review of: Writing Profits

Product Type: eBook


Good information for you and your readers


Contains recent information


You can use this for your readers or subscribers


Decent set of rights given by created

The Good

  • Can be used to Learn about Freelance Writing
  • Shows How to Build a Great Freelancer Reputation
  • Includes Sales Page

The Not So Good

  • Section on Types of Content needed More Detail
  • Needs More Information on How to Research

Summary: This product is worth it either for personal use or to be distributed in some format to others (sales, build lists, etc). Unless loading as part of a follow up series, it is highly suggested to enhance the value of this product before distributing to others. The button below is to the website that contains this product (and others).

Product Description

If you have ever wanted to learn how to start up a freelance writing business, this course is going to help you towards that end. It is well written and gives great tips on how to go about it. This could easily be used to build your email list by getting others to sign up for this as a newsletter.

Contents of Package

  • First Issue of Writing Profits
  • Getting Started as a Freelancer
  • ​Different Types of Content as a Freelancer
  • Simple Tips to Become a More Skillful and Sought After Freelancer
  • Build a Reputation as a Reliable Freelancer Which Can Lead to More Clients
  • Where to Find Clients
  • Some Drawbacks of Freelancing
  • Discussion on SEO for Content
  • Freelance Writing for Magazines
  • Food Writing Freelancing
  • How to Handle Pricing
  • Finer Point of the Freelance Business Model

Rights Permitted

  • Can be Sold
  • Can be Used for Personal Use
  • Can be Packaged with Other Products
  • Can Modify/Change Main Product
  • Can Modify the Sales Page
  • Can Modify/Change Graphics/Ecover
  • Can put your Name on Sales Letter
  • Can be Added to Paid Membership Websites
  • Can be Offered as a Bonus
  • Can be used to Build a List
  • Can Print/Publish Offline
  • Can Convey and Sell Personal Use Rights
  • Can Convey and Sell Resale Rights
  • Can Convey and Sell Master Resale Rights

Not Permitted

  • Cannot be Given Away for Free (Except to build a list)
  • Cannot be Added to Free Membership Websites
  • Cannot Convey or Sell Private Label Rights

Claims Made by Sales Page

  • How to Start and Grow Your Own Successful Freelance Writing Business
  • The Different Types of Content You Can Create and Sell as a Freelance Writer
  • How to Build up Your Reputation as a Capable and Reliable Writer, so you can Attract More Clients!
  • Some Simple, Yet Effective Tips that will Help You Become a more Skillful and Sought After Freelance Writer
  • How and Where to Find Clients For your Freelance Writing Business, Because you Can't Afford to Just Sit and Wait for Them to Find You.

Pros and Cons

  • This product tackles all the necessary components of starting a freelance writing business
  • The writing is high quality so you could feel good about using it to obtain clients (like building your list)
  • If used as an email course that gets sent to your list, you don't really have to change the content much as it won't be flagged as duplicate content.
  • It gives some preliminary steps to take to make sure that freelance writing is the right business for you and how to determine rates to charge
  • Information concerning the types of content could have been expanded a bit more
  • More insight could have been given as to how to research and resources on how to write better could have been included. These both could be sources for adding value for your customers.

Suggested Enhancements

If you intend to use this product as follow up messages for your auto responder, then it is up to you as to whether you want to enhance the messages. Sending emails to your list will not generate any kind of duplicate content warning as it is only seen by your customers.

If on the other hand, you intend to use the messages for content on websites, you probably will want to consider rewriting the content in such a way as to not generate any kind of duplicate content messages.

Other ways to enhance this content:

  • Create a slideshow and upload to sites like Slideshare.net
  • Turn the slideshow into a video and upload to video sharing sites like YouTube
  • Create an eBook and sell it. Note: if you plan on selling on Amazon, you will have to rework the content as they frown upon using PLR as is.
  • Bundle this with another product that is related but is of higher quality
  • Include as a bonus

Bottom Line

This product is contains high quality information that could be used for your own purposes in determining whether to start a freelance writing business. This same high quality allows you to feel comfortable in sending this content to your readers in any format you see would help them.

The quality of the sales page is decent enough to use with minor modification (you'll need to add your own name and your auto responder sign up code (or Buy Now button, etc.)​

This product is worth having in your library or sales funnel.

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